Chocolate Indulgence

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Imagine the chocolate sauce taken from your bowl of profiteroles

Add to that a thick vanilla cream

You have your Indulgence in an E Liquid and ready to vape 

Our chocolate e liquid is calorie free so ideal if you want a treat without counting the calories

A creamy vanilla, chocolate vape that will want you coming back for more, a winning combination

Customer Reviews

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Choco lovelies

Great juice and can't get enough of the stuff new bottle required soonq

You have got to try this!

Hugely recommended this juice! One of the finest flavours I have tasted and it does truly feel like an indulgence on your lips. Easily my favourite choccy flavour and definitely one of my favourites :)

🍫Chocolate Indulgence 🍫

Chocolate Indulgence is Choux Pastry, with Delicious Creamy Vanilla Cream Served With A Yummy Sweet Chocolate That is Not Over Powering And is Just Right On Top This is Truly A Chocolate Lovers Delight And A Chocolate Heavenly Taste That Has A After Taste That Makes You Want More And More. 🍫🤤


So, I hate chocolate flavours. Like many other I've been stung by chocolates that kill your wick after a tank and destroy your coils as well as tasting nothing like chocolate. I haven't bought a choccy flavour for many years purely because of this. I know the guy that runs this store though so I went out on a limb with this one and I was not disappointed! No artificial crap in these juices so they're kind on the coils and this flavour tastes perfect. Proper chocolate flavour and you can really taste the 'profiterole' type flavour. Love this, will be getting more!

Chocolate Heaven!

As a stand-alone full chocolate based juice this is without question the tastiest and truest one I’ve had the pleasure of vaping.